Mission and Vision
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FSP is the main manufacturer for Paclitaxel CP/IP/USP/EP (crude and API), Docetaxel IP/CP/USP/EP, 10-DAB III (Taxus Wallichiana and Taxus Baccata) and the side chains in the world.

To ensure a sustainable and healthy development, FSP established Taxus nursery R&D center and Shanghai chemical synthetic R&D center,as well as Shanghai finished formulation development center. We hold 7 PCT patents and 33 China patents.

Alone with the IPO in NEEQ in 2014,FSP entered into a new rapid growth stage.

FSP is the biggest company in supporting the development of agriculture, countryside, and farmers.

FSP provides free Taxus cultivation technology for local farmers.

FSP purchases tens of millions Taxus from local farmers.

FSP endeavors to build herself into a well-known oncology pharmaceutical company in the world for human health and better life quality.

To build new GMP building and 4 GMP production lines.

To apply for national drug production license and GMP license for new products each year.

To win regulated market GMP and enter regulated markets, such as EU and US.

In the coming 5 years, to continue to invest in R&D and patent application.

In the coming 5 years, to extend products from API to formulation for local market.

In the coming 5 years, to increase sales to US$ 150 million, and to turn into a midsize pharmaceutical company in China.